Guide to Choosing the Best Fresh-Cut Flowers for Your Business

Guide to Choosing the Best Fresh-Cut Flowers for Your Business

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Looking to enhance your business environment? Fresh flowers are the ideal solution, providing both visual appeal and mental health benefits to your employees. Research suggests that exposure to flowers reduces stress and increases happiness and relaxation. Their ability to absorb pollutants and release oxygen contributes to improved air quality, creating a healthier workplace! As a business, incorporating décor, including blossoms that reflect your values and complement your brand image is key. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when choosing fresh-cut flowers for your business!

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Consider your Business Theme 

Your brand image, personality, identity, beliefs and values all contribute to your business theme, and selecting flowers that connect with these elements creates consistency. First and foremost, think about the visual aspects such as your brand colours. With a variety of blooms available, finding fresh flowers that match your brand colours is easily achievable. Next, comes your business beliefs. As different flowers carry their own symbolic meanings, we recommend opting for blooms that align with your brand values. For instance, hydrangeas are associated with understanding and empathy, making them wonderful additions to a healthcare setting. 

Finally, ponder over your business’s brand voice and culture. Are you promoting creativity and innovativeness? Or does your brand encapsulate refinement and professionalism? Orchids with their intricate and unique structures can symbolise the pursuit of new and creative ideas, while carnations and baby’s breath, which are elegant and sophisticated, may be better suited for the latter. Ultimately, considering these aspects will help you decide on the best flowers for your business theme

Seasonal Availability 

In terms of fresh flowers, seasonal availability refers to the natural cycles in which specific flowers thrive and bloom. Choosing blossoms in line with their seasonal availability not only ensures quality and vibrance, but also embraces sustainable and eco-friendly practices, reducing the need for extensive cultivation and transportation. The rotation of seasonal flower selections makes for a delightful surprise in the workspace, infusing the office with renewed energy and a dynamic ambience. It reflects the beauty of each time of the year, but with that being said, always remember to factor in your business theme too! 

Longevity and Maintenance


The business environment is one that is typically busy and hectic. Both you and your employees may be occupied with meeting deadlines and producing quality output. This is why selecting cut flowers for their longevity and ease of maintenance is so important. Carnations, sunflowers and baby’s breath are just some of the many blooms that are durable and relatively easy to care for. Simply placing them in areas with natural light and watering them every day is all it takes! With minimal maintenance, employees can remain focused on their tasks, while still enjoying the beauty that these flowers have to offer. In addition, preserved flowers are another great alternative that has undergone the preservation process to extend their lifespan.   

There is no denying that selecting flowers for your business differs vastly from displaying them at home. Your business theme, employees and customers should be taken into consideration. Beyond creating a visually appealing and welcoming work environment, which can positively impact mood and well-being, accentuating your brand image is essential for visiting clients as well. We hope that this guide proves useful in helping you choose the best fresh-cut flowers for your business!

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