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Ji Mei Flower

Your Local Wholesaler and Flower Shop in Singapore

Welcome to Ji Mei Flower, your local wholesaler and flower shop in Thomson Singapore! We provide a wide range of fresh, high-quality flowers and plants at competitive prices.

Our flower selection includes a variety of popular blooms such as roses, orchids, and lilies, as well as unique and seasonal flowers. As a trusted wholesaler, we work directly with growers to ensure the freshest and most beautiful flowers for our customers.

Whether you are a florist or a business owner running a flower shop in Thomson, we have the right flowers and plants to meet your needs. Our expert team can provide you with advice on the latest flower trends and help you create stunning arrangements that impress your customers.

We understand that timing is crucial in the flower industry, so we provide fast and efficient delivery services to our clients in Thomson and throughout Singapore. As a trusted florist wholesaler in Thomson, we take pride in providing excellent customer service and building long-lasting relationships with our clients.

So why wait? Contact our Thomson flower shop today and let our expert team provide you with the best wholesale flowers in Singapore. We look forward to serving your flower needs!

Where to Buy Flowers in Singapore

“Blossoms at Your Fingertips”

In the vibrant city of Singapore, a plethora of options await to fulfill your floral desires. From bustling markets to specialized boutiques, the city offers a kaleidoscope of blooms to choose from. Ji Mei Nursery which is located at Thomson Road provides an array of choices, from locally grown marvels to exotic imports. Online platforms also flourish, enabling you to conveniently browse and select your favorite blooms from the comfort of your home. With Singapore's rich horticultural scene, buying flowers becomes an exploration of color, scent, and beauty.