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3 Must-Know Trending Floral Designs

Fresh Flowers Arches for the Ceremony

Ecommerce Team |

Whether it be for grand occasions and events or to refurbish any space, fresh flowers make for beautiful decor, adding a pop of colour and a perfume of fragrance. Not only do they transform the aesthetics of an interior, but they also possess several mental health benefits, from reducing stress to enhancing moods. While flowers stand the test of time, remaining a popular styling option throughout the decades, their arrangements and designs are ever-changing, complementing the different eras they belong in. In this article, we share some of the trending floral designs of today’s time, ensuring that your blooms both impress and captivate every eye in the room!

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Wildflower Bohemian

WildFlower Bohemian Design

The wildflower bohemian arrangement is a floral design that draws inspiration from the untamed beauty of nature and the free-spirited eclectic ethos of bohemian aesthetics. It embraces a natural and organic feel, often incorporating a diverse mix of wildflowers, foliage and unconventional elements such as feathers or twine. Made to look effortless and unstructured, this fresh flower design trades formal symmetry in favour of whimsy and seeks to capture the essence of meadows and fields, bringing a rustic charm to our otherwise rather modern landscape. The best part? This floral trend can be easily created without the worries of structure, colour coordination or flower choices. Simply unleash your creativity and let it reflect the carefree and individualistic spirit of bohemian culture.  

Oversized Installations

Oversized Installation Floral Design

Just as its name suggests, oversized floral installations refer to large-scale, dramatic arrangements, usually exceeding the typical size expectations of traditional floral displays. Designed to make a bold and impactful statement, these larger-than-life blooms can take the form of hanging floral chandeliers, towering arches or expansive cascading arrangements. They push creative boundaries, leveraging a plethora of flowers and greenery to revamp spaces into immersive, enhancing environments. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, they serve as focal points, providing memorable and awe-inspiring experiences for those who encounter them. Some popular blooms used in oversized installations include roses and lilies. The former’s romantic and classic style empowers versatility while the latter, large and showy, contributes to a visually striking centrepiece.

Monochromatic Arrangements

Monochromatic Arrangements

Evoking elegance and sophistication, monochromatic floral designs focus on using a single colour or shades within the same spectrum to create a harmonious and visually cohesive composition. This fresh flower design is favoured for its understated yet impactful visual appeal, making it suitable for various occasions like weddings and corporate events. By limiting the colour palette, attention is drawn to the form, texture and beauty of the chosen florals, allowing audiences to appreciate them for more than their hues. Additionally, monochromatic arrangements mirror our present-day style where minimalism and simplicity remain prevalent. From roses to lilies and hydrangeas to carnations, mix and match the flowers you love. Any blossom can be utilised as long as it comes from the same colour family!

Above are some of the hottest floral trends dominating our current scene. By keeping up to date with the latest styles, crafting a bouquet that enchants and allures audiences, all while adapting to the times can be easily achieved.

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