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About Us

Ji Mei Flower

Ji Mei Flower connects the global flower and plant growers with the garden city. Over the last 30 years, the company has grown to become one of the largest wholesalers in Singapore for fresh flowers, potted plants, and an extensive repertoire of gardening accessories and essentials. With an established supplier network across the globe, Ji Mei Flower brings in the freshest bloom all year round from Europe, United States, Oceania, Japan, China, India, and the South East Asian countries.

The company's robust supply chain capabilities have enabled reliable supplies of fresh flowers of a wide variety to different channels including florists, flower stalls, retailers, renowned corporations and institutions. Ji Mei Flower's product offerings strongly equipped us to support the landscaping needs of 5-star hotels, national parks, and other major attractions.

Over the years, Ji Mei Flower has developed a professional team of in-house designers, creative specialists, and floral arrangers. Coupled with our global floral supplies, our team has firmly positioned Ji Mei Flower as a reliable partner to event organizers, wedding planners, and hotel hospitality team. We work closely with these business associates to curate floral themes decorations for major events and execute these creative ideas to realities.

Ji Mei Flower has flourished and grown from strength to strength over the past three decades. We will continuously elevate our product offerings, capabilities, and services to remain as one of the industry leaders.

Types of Flowers Available in Singapore

In Singapore, a vibrant tapestry of flowers are made available. The tropical climate of this island nation allows for a diverse range of blooms to thrive year-round. From the iconic orchids, including the delicate Vanda Miss Joaquim, Singapore's national flower, to the fragrant roses and the vivid bougainvillea we offer a variety of exotic and indigenous flowers to choose from. To remain competitive, it is recommended for local markets and florists to provide a medley of imported blooms, such as roses, lilies, and tulips, ensuring that residents and visitors alike can always find the perfect bouquet to brighten their day or celebrate a special occasion.

Florists and Flower Shops

At Ji Mei Flower, we're the go-to source for premium flowers that will empower florists and elevate their shops to new heights. Our commitment to excellence means we can be counted on for the freshest and most exquisite blooms, carefully selected to meet exacting standards. With a wide variety of flowers, competitive pricing, reliable deliveries, and personalised service, we're here to help florists create stunning arrangements and delight their customers.

Online Flower Delivery Services

For florists, having a dependable flower wholesaler that offers reliable flower delivery services is essential to the success of their business. A trustworthy wholesaler acts as the backbone of a florist's operation, ensuring a consistent and diverse supply of fresh blooms. This partnership means florists can focus on their creative artistry and customer service without the worry of supply chain interruptions. Timely and efficient flower deliveries enable florists to meet customer demands promptly, even during peak seasons and holidays, enhancing their reputation for trustworthiness.

Seasonal Flower Availability

Offering seasonal flower availability is of paramount importance for flower shops. It not only reflects an appreciation for the natural rhythm of the floral world but also allows them to provide customers with the freshest and most vibrant blooms. Seasonal flowers bring a sense of authenticity and uniqueness to floral arrangements, resonating with the changing moods and themes across different times of the year. By showcasing seasonal flowers, a florist not only celebrates the beauty of each season but also gives customers an opportunity to connect with the distinct charm of nature's cycles. It adds an element of surprise and excitement to their deliverings, keeping customers coming back for new and delightful experiences with every season.

Flower Arrangement Ideas

Flower arrangement ideas can transform any space into a breathtaking oasis of beauty and serenity. Whether it is the classic elegance of a symmetrical bouquet or the rustic charm of wildflowers in a mason jar, there are endless possibilities to suit any style and occasion. Consider experimenting with colour palettes to evoke different emotions - soft pastels for a romantic ambiance or vibrant hues for a lively celebration. Mixing various textures and heights of blooms adds dimension and visual interest to arrangements. Don't forget to incorporate complementary foliage or unique elements like feathers or succulents for an extra touch of creativity.

Tips for Gifting Flowers

When it comes to gifting flowers, a thoughtful approach can turn a simple bouquet into a meaningful and cherished gesture. Firstly, consider the recipient's preferences and any allergies they may have to certain flowers. Personalisation is key, so choose blooms that hold significance or convey a message, such as roses for love or sunflowers for happiness. Secondly, pair the flowers with a heartfelt note to express your feelings or convey a message that complements the occasion. Timing is crucial, so make sure the flowers are delivered or presented at the right moment to maximise their impact. Lastly, presentation matters - choose an appropriate vase or wrapping that complements the flowers and adds to the overall aesthetic. Thoughtfulness, personalisation, and attention to detail can elevate a simple bouquet into a truly meaningful gift that brightens someone's day.