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Rose (Kenya) - Red Color [VD] - Fresh Flowers Singapore

Rose (Ecuador) - Red Color

Bundle of 10

Approximated Dimension: 65-75cm

  • $21.00

Flowers and foliage are delivered in their original packaging condition from growers. It requires 3-4 hours of conditioning to ensure optimal quality as it may be selected from the fresh shipments that arrive on the delivery day.

Should a flower or foliage become unavailable or of unsuitable quality, we will contact you with an appropriate substitute.

The colours of the flower may vary. Photos are for reference only.

Flower Care Tips:

  • Unwrap your flower and trim stems at 45-degree angle

  • Fill your vase with clean water

  • Add flower food to the water to extend flower life

  • Change water every 3 days

  • Keep flowers in a cool spot