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What is Baby's Breath?

Baby's breath, scientifically known as Gypsophila, is a delicate and charming flowering plant that is renowned for its dainty, cloud-like clusters of tiny white or pink blossoms. Often used as a decorative filler in floral arrangements and bouquets, baby's breath adds a touch of gossamer beauty and elegance to floral compositions. Its airy and feathery appearance complements various types of flowers, making it a popular choice for weddings, celebrations, and other special occasions. Baby's breath not only symbolises innocence and purity but also signifies everlasting love and sincerity, making it a beloved choice for floral enthusiasts and florists alike.

Uses of Baby's Breath in Flower Arrangements

Baby's breaths are great for use as filler flowers, helping to add volume, texture, and a sense of lightness to bouquets and floral displays. This unassuming bloom harmonises beautifully with various other flowers, enhancing their overall aesthetic appeal. Whether paired with vibrant roses for a romantic arrangement or used alongside colourful wildflowers for a rustic centrepiece, baby's breath plays a crucial role in balancing and complementing the focal blooms. Its longevity and ability to retain freshness also make it a practical choice for long-lasting floral arrangements, making it a staple in the world of floristry.

Varieties of Baby's Breath

While some may not be aware, baby's breath comes in an abundance of varieties! The most commonly encountered variety is Gypsophila paniculata, often simply referred to as "common baby's breath." It features delicate, cloud-like clusters of small white or pink blossoms and is a popular choice for floral arrangements. Another popular variety is Gypsophila elegans, known for its smaller, more densely packed flowers, making it ideal for filling in smaller spaces in bouquets and arrangements. There are also cultivated varieties like 'Covent Garden' and 'Bristol Fairy,' which offer larger blooms and a more refined appearance. The versatility of these baby's breath varieties allows florists and flower enthusiasts to choose the one that best suits their aesthetic preferences and specific design needs, ensuring a wide range of creative possibilities in floral artistry.

Care and Maintenance of Baby's Breath

Caring for baby's breath is relatively straightforward, but it's essential to ensure the longevity and vibrancy of this delicate flower. Start by trimming the stems at an angle and placing them in a clean vase filled with fresh, lukewarm water. Remove any leaves that may be submerged in the water to prevent bacterial growth. Baby's breath thrives in cool environments, so keep the vase away from direct sunlight and extreme heat. Regularly change the water every two to three days and recut the stems to ensure they can absorb water efficiently. Adding floral preservatives to the water can extend the flowers' life. If you're working with dried baby's breath, store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent fading. With these simple care steps, you can enjoy the beauty of baby's breath in your floral arrangements for an extended period.

Where to Buy Baby's Breath in Singapore

Finding baby's breath for your floral needs is convenient and accessible in Singapore. They can be purchased baby's breath from a line-up of sources, including local flower markets, flower shops, and online florists. At Ji Mei Flower, we carry a wide selection of baby's breath including fresh and dried, making us a one-stop destination for all your floral requirements. With a commitment to freshness and variety, we ensure that florists have access to premium baby's breath to create stunning arrangements and bouquets for their customers.