Podocarpus bonsai

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Bonsai and Wellness Plant

Bonsai and Wellness Plant Bonsai and Wellness Plant Bonsai and Wellness Plant

Podocarpus Bonsai (Unpotted)

Commonly referred as the Buddhist Pine or Buddha Tree. This species is a common sight in South Asia where the larger tree are often planted in huge concrete or stone pots and placed at entrance of parks, properties, company buildings or hotels.

As it is a tropical plant, podocarpus is not frost-hardy and needs a warm place all year round and therefore it is a popular indoor bonsai plant.  

Approximated Dimension: 30cm (H) 
Pot Diameter: 15cm


Plants are delivered in its original brown pot. Add "Ceramic Pot" to repot yourself, or add both "Ceramic Pot" and "Decorative Repotting" should you like us to repot for you (see reference photo).

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Photos are for reference only, and colour, type, size and arrangement may differ from photo. Products may be delivered in their original packaging condition from growers. Should a specific variety become unavailable or is of unsuitable quality at the time of delivery, we will contact you to propose an appropriate substitute of similar colour or type and of an equal or greater value.